April 2021



by Hannah Moscovitch
April 8 - 25, 2021
Power. Privilege. Corruption.

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World Premiere

“Politics and government are increasingly slipping back into the control of privileged elites in the manner characteristic of pre-democratic times.” – Colin Crouch

Welcome to the world of the 1%, the corporate elite, the “C-suite” – the “king-makers” whose influence flows through every aspect of our lives virtually unnoticed. When a CEO and his top executives are on a business trip for a major deal, a damaging sex scandal at the company is unearthed back home. As the pressure to complete the deal mounts, more secrets come to the surface, endangering the CEO's company, his family, and his legacy. What happens to morality when human beings have limitless power?

From the Playwright: "Post-Democracy is based on my real lived experiences of being around affluent high-level corporate executives. We talk a lot about the 1% who hold and exert power in in our culture but we rarely put them onstage. I hung around with the 1% for a while. I want to show them to you."

Globe & Mail Critic’s Pick. “Do you miss Succession? Watch Hannah Moscovitch’s Post-Democracy for another sordid succession saga”

“Amazing on all fronts. Production. Writing. Acting. Bravo on your first virtual production. Must see! Hannah doesn’t hold back and it’s a story that needs to be told.” – Christa W.

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