December 2024


Outside Joke's A Christmas Miracle: An Improvised Holiday Rom Com

An Outside Joke Production
December 10 - 22, 2024
Romantic Comedy with a twist

This holiday season, the incredibly talented members of Outside Joke turn their attention to that holiday staple, the Christmas Movie. So many targets: big-city girl stuck in small town meets handsome handyman/farmer/failing business owner; family feuds; misunderstandings and miscommunications; enemy-to-lovers; and more. You’ll be rolling in the aisles as the stereotypic tropes are given the Outside Joke treatment to hilarious effect.

Outside Joke Says:
“We cannot express our yuletide joy at returning to PTE this holiday season! We have left Dickens in the dust and are now tackling the modern, but no less classic, approach to holiday storytelling: the feel-good Holiday Film! Warm your toes by the fire and put a tap in that maple tree, cuz things are about to get SAPPY!”

Thom Says:
"Outside Joke? Romcom? A satirical, playful, and hilarious lens on Holiday films?  Sign me up.  This is our fourth year presenting Winnipeg's premiere Improvisation company, and our third presenting them at the Holidays. It's becoming something of a tradition, and every year audiences have been rolling with laughter in their seats.  It is our joy to support Outside Joke for another season, gifting their significant talents and senses of humour to audiences."