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The 2019 - 2020 Season

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See more great theatre, get free parking!

Can't fit five plays in your schedule? Get all of the benefits of being a PTE subscriber* with a smaller package of plays.

You can even convert the purchase of a single ticket to The Third Colour or The Wedding Party to a package - the price of your ticket will be applied to the cost of the package.

* excluding the Bring a Friend coupon

For more information call the PTE Box Office at (204) 942-5483.


Great SAVINGS! The equivalent of up to one play free, before you even add in the free parking.

SUPER Savings –the Super Value Section (sides, rows J & K) is only $119 for 5 plays, every single performance!  And Preview Wednesdays are only $119, too, all seats in the house (rush seating).

Discounts for SENIORS & STUDENTS!
Save up to $81 over adult single ticket prices and receive all the great subscriber benefits. (Must be 65 as of November 15, 2019)


  • FREE heated underground parking
  • BRING A FRIEND along for half price to a performance of your choice
    (not available with a four or three play package)
  • FREE EXCHANGES, including by phone *
  • Exclusive Patron Plus Program, offering DISCOUNTS ON DINING & MORE
  • A 10% DISCOUNT AT THE LOBBY CAFE at the performances
  • 15% off additional single tickets
  • And did we mention the FREE, HEATED INDOOR PARKING?

      * NOTE: while tickets can be exchanged, subscriptions are final sale (no refunds)

How to subscribe online:

Subscribe online
  1. After reading these instructions, click the Subscribe Now button at the bottom of this page

    • On the PTE websales page, click the green button New Subscription.
    • On the left, select the performance you want. Select the section & price code. (Note: if you select Senior or Student, you will be required to show ID to pick up your tickets)
    • Click the green button Suggest Some Subscription Seats. If you're not happy with the seats selected, click the blue button Suggest Other Seats. (Note: if you are looking for particular seats, you may have to call the Box Office at 204-942-5483)
    • Click the green button Add Subscription to Shopping Cart
  2. Review your subscription, and press the green button at the bottom Checkout & Pay. You will be taken to a Log In screen.
  3. If you’ve already set up a password for online ticket buying, type it in under your email address.
  4. If PTE has your email on file but you haven’t set up a password to buy tickets online, click on FORGOT MY PASSWORD on the right-hand side. You’ll be taken to a page where you will type in your email address and click the green button to reset your password, which will be emailed to you.
  5. If PTE doesn’t have your email on file, you’ll have to set up a New Patron account, or call the PTE Box Office at 204-942-5483. If you’ve bought tickets from PTE in the past and you set up a new patron account, we would appreciate it if you would send us a quick email, just to alert us that there is a duplicate account, so that we can keep our database as clean and accurate as possible.
  6. When you reach the first screen of the checkout, for Ticket Handling Delivery Method, click “Hold tickets at Will Call” – your tickets will be mailed to you, if time permits before your first performance, or they will be held for you to pick up at your first show, with all your subscriber information for the season, including your parking pass.
  7. Also on the checkout screen, for How did you hear about PTE, select Subs-New Order


Note: you can also get to the online Subscription Renewal by clicking BUY ONLINE on the PTE website home page, then, at the top of the online sales page, click SUBSCRIBE.