November 2024


Ponderosa Pine

by Andraea Sartison
November 5 - 17, 2024
Mythical Memoir

A PTE Production

One woman holds her entire family history: an ensemble of ancestors, a mythical prairie town trapped between the mountains and the sea, a horizon that thunders on to eternity and a tree in the centre that grows, is harvested, burns down and sprouts again. Ponderosa Pine is family history turned legend, turned myth – and woven together through stories both haunting and beautiful.

Thom Says:
"Originally a PTE commission, this play was produced as an audio production in our 50th anniversary season. It's a great joy to bring it to life for the first time, live. Andraea, the playwright, says that if heaven was a real place, she thinks it would be in the Prairies. This play is a stunning ode to the Prairies, and to the families that settled in Manitoba generations ago. With an all-Manitoban team of artists bringing the story to life, the play is sure to resonate with audiences here in Winnipeg."