April 2025


Raised by Women

by Keith Barker
April 1 - 13, 2025
Heartwarming Storytelling

A PTE Production

Celebrated Métis playwright Keith Barker grew up in Kenora and always saw Winnipeg as “the big city”. More importantly, he grew up surrounded by women who shaped his life and made him the man he is today. Raised by Women is Barker’s tale of the lessons he learned through the women in his life. Barker, an extraordinary storyteller, jumps between times in his life effortlessly and seamlessly, making you feel as though you have been with him on every step of the journey. It’s a funny and heartwarming love letter to the women who raised him.

Thom Says:
"This play marks seven consecutive years of PTE programming works by Indigenous artists. Keith's play is stunning in its vulnerability and also in how it inspires us all to think about how we were raised and how we became who we are today. Keith's personal and specific story unlocks a kind of universal understanding about where we've come from, who we are, and where we're going. In this instance, Keith courageously explores how he became the man he is because of the love of the women who raised him."