Convenient, heated underground parking

While there is street parking nearby, PTE recommends parking in the underground parkade at Portage Place. It's secure, patrolled and offers easy, direct access to PTE via Elevator 6 (near the Carlton Street entrance).

It's also one of the most reasonably-priced downtown parking lots - $8 for a weekday evening (compared to upwards of $12-$14 around the Concert Hall).

Parking in the Portage Place Parkade:
Enter off either Vaughan or Carlton Street, then park and pay before coming upstairs. There are 9 payment machines throughout the two levels of the parkade, and you'll pay for parking at these machines in advance by entering your license plate number and payment. Note: the machines accept credit cards only.

You can also pay by phone, using the Secunik, Honk, or Pay By Phone apps.

Parking for Subscribers

Your free Subscriber Parking is easier than ever!

1. Enter and park. There's no gate and no ticket you need to take.

2. Place your Subscriber Parking Pass face-up on your dashboard. The instructions are on the back.

3. Attend the performance. There is no need for any kind of validation - the Parking Pass takes care of it all.


  • Free subscriber parking applies ONLY to the five mainstage plays. You are responsible for paying the regular $8 charge when you attend something at PTE outside of those five shows, including any additional live performances.
  • If you did not receive a Parking Pass with your subscription ticket package, or if you did not receive enough passes for all the vehicles in your party, please contact the PTE Box Office at 204-942-5483 or email
  • If you forget your Parking Pass when attending the performance, DO NOT PAY before coming upstairs. Go immediately to the volunteer in the PTE lobby next to the SUBSCRIBER PARKING sign, who will verify from your ticket that you are a subscriber and will take your license plate number. This must be done BEFORE the show starts. The parkade attendant will collect the list of plate numbers after the show begins, and will not ticket anyone on that list.
  • If there is a Jets game coinciding with your performance, please give yourself extra time to find parking space in the parkade. The parkade staff sets aside stalls for PTE patrons, so you should have no problem finding a spot, but it may take more time than usual. Remember that both our Lobby Lounge and Café are open an hour before the performance - come and relax with us.

PTE has a new permanent bike rack just inside the lobby doors, available for all performances. It’s advised that you bring a lock, but once the show has started, the lobby doors are locked for security. Note: Elevator 7 (on the other side of the clock tower from the usual elevator) has the most room for a bike to be transported.