Carol Shields Festival of New Works 2018

May 24 - 26, 2018

With this year's partners: Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Sarasvati Productions, Shakespeare in the Ruins, Sick + Twisted, Theatre Projects Manitoba/Manitoba Association of Playwrights





Boca del Lupo’s Red Phone - Part theatre and part social intervention, Red Phone is an audience-to-audience performance that utilizes the intimacy of a phone call and the technology of a teleprompter. Using a phone booth in the lobby,  audience members are guided, two at a time, through a conversation about life, art and their surroundings, using a variety of scripts written by Canadian playwrights - including PTE Playwrights Unit members Ginny Collins, Ellen Peterson and Ian Ross. Find it in the PTE lobby throughout the Festival.


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THURSDAY, MAY 24 at 7:00 PM

An electrifying multi-discipline showcase of short works by members of the PTE Playwrights Unit, poet Duncan Mercredi, singer/songwriter Tom Keenan, White Rabbit Productions, Atlaas, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, choreographer Brent Lott, Hot Thespian Action and local filmmakers Solmund MacPherson and Ti Hallas.

Plus Special Guest Speaker - Cree playwright Kenneth T. Williams (Thunderstick, PTE 2011)

PLUS a post-show reception catered by Star Grill - all for $25!

STUDENTS:  Pay only $12.50 to attend the Gala!




Noon-1 pm   BROWN BAG THEATRE Eat and be entertained during your lunch hour! Bring your lunch and eat it in the theatre, while you watch five new short plays, presented as lively staged readings. Written by some of our favourite PTE playwrights, these are fun, thoughtful and quirky little plays that will show you just how much great storytelling can be packed into just ten minutes or less!  >> More info about the Short Shot plays

6:00 pm   Reading:  Wine and Little Breads by Armin Wiebe (presented by Theatre Projects Manitoba & Manitoba Association of Playwrights)

7:30 pm   Reading:  The Women of the Fur Trade by Frances Koncan (presented by Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre)

9:15 pm   Reading:  How to Deal When You Think You Can’t Even by Debbie Patterson (presented by Prairie Theatre Exchange)


1:00 pm   Workshop Performance:  Devised TYA Creation by the Emerging Creators Unit (presented by Manitoba Theatre for Young People)

2:00 pm  Reading:  One Night Stand - Excerpts from works in progress (presented by Sarasvàti Productions)

4:00 pm   Reading:  You Are Her(e) by Angela Chalmers  (presented by Sick + Twisted) ASL Interpretation provided

7:00 pm   Reading:  Children’s Special Services  by Tricia Cooper (presented by Prairie Theatre Exchange)

9:00 pm   Reading:  The Cousins of Corsica by Jessi Séguin (presented by Shakespeare in the Ruins)

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Ginny Collins, The Flats, says:
"The reading of The Flats at the Carol Shields Festival was extremely valuable to my writing process. Just by watching and listening to the audience, I was able to gain incredible insight into how I needed to move forward with the script. This festival is a gift. It provides a rare opportunity for both the writer and the audience to share in the magic of the creation process."



by Debbie Patterson, Playwright/PTE Artistic Associate

Every time you walk into the theatre, you are entering into a creative collaboration, regardless of what side of the curtain you’re on. But when a play is in a state of development, the audience’s collaboration is crucial!

The Carol Shields Festival invites you to actively participate in the development of new Canadian plays. While the festival gives playwrights the opportunity to try out their work with a real audience, it cracks open the playwriting process, giving audiences the chance to get in there and muck around.

Not only do you get to follow the journey a play takes from the seeds of an idea to a fully fleshed-out performance, but you also get to speak your mind directly to the playwright. The post-performance "talk back", conducted after every reading is where the collaborative rubber hits the road. 

As a playwright whose work has been read at this festival in the past, I can’t tell you how much we rely on your feedback to launch us into the next draft. As an audience member I love the depth of connection I feel with a play I’ve watched grow over a number of years.

Our fifteenth annual Carol Shields Festival of New Works runs from May 24th to 26th.

I invite you to get involved in some very exciting new plays.

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Top - Jennifer Lyon, Aaron Pridham
Bottom - Aaron Pridham, Dorothy Carroll, Kimberley Rampersad & Doug McKeag