October 2023

Content Advisories
  • The play deals with concern/anxiety over the climate crisis
  • Descriptions of physical violence
  • Othering
  • Guns - presence & description of


by Guillermo Verdecchia
October 10 - 22, 2023
Humour so surreal, it's probably a tragedy


Dark Comedy-Drama

M, a jet-setting consultant feels he’s going to slide off the face of the earth. Then again, a good meal might solve everything. Is the family in crisis or do they just need a holiday? Julia’s not sure. She can’t tell if she’s having a hot flash or if it’s just global warming. Oh, and the basement has flooded. Is that a catastrophe or an invitation to renovate? A razor-sharp new work from one of Canada’s premiere playwrights about world-travel, food-fixation, climate change, home renovations, an evolving society, and what it will take to finally feel safe.

Directed by Thomas Morgan Jones | World Premiere

"★★★★★ Just saw Feast, the first production of the 2023 season…. And I’m blown away by how amazing it was!!! From the story, to the acting, to the ingenious production of such a meaningful story it was truly a feast for the senses. It is a production that had a profound impact on me and captivated me non stop for two hours. It will linger in my mind, heart and soul for some time come." M.M.

“Feast is a challenging, gripping exploration of transience and the malleability of place on an increasingly unbalanced planet.” – Winnipeg Free Press

“It’s a complex and rewarding work by a virtuoso playwright at the top of his game, and it warrants multiple viewings. Through parallel explorations of globalization, climate change, and consumerism, it captures the overstuffed nature of our contemporary moment.” – Intermission Magazine

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