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Prairie Theatre Exchange has a rich history of creating and presenting new and contemporary and works. Trace that history below - the seasons are grouped by each PTE artistic director. Click on the season date at the top of each section to see play descriptions.

✪ indicates a world premiere

1974 to 1980 -- Manitoba Theatre Workshop

Manitoba Theatre Workshop
Director – Colin Jackson (to 1975) | Artistic Director – Deborah Baer Quinn (1976-1980)

From You to Us to You
(Quinn), TNT | Step Right Up Ladies and Jellybeans, Merry Time | Nonsensical Senses(Kimmelman), Puppet Tree | A Young Children’s Concert, Raffi | The Great Oompah Machine (Oliviero), Oliviero | Saturday Night (Silver/Bleeks),  TNT | Keys, Penner/Sundance | Prairie Voices (Quinn), TNT | The White Raven, Theatre Sans Fils

Sumidagawa, Kaleidoscope | Music for Young Folk, Penner | Puck’s Intimate Guide to Willie (Quinn), Senior Class | You Know what I Mean, Eh? (Gillies, Wilkins), TNT | A Place to Call Home (Kimmelman), Puppet Tree | Storybag II, Penner/Sundance | Idiot Strings (Silver), TNT | Lost In Between (Silverman), Young Co.

Just Do It
(Kimmelman), Puppet Tree | An Hour of Theatrical Magic with Brian Glow, Brian Glow | The Mountain Show, University of Alberta | Stories My Grandparents Told Me (Quinn), TNT | Raffi Concert, Raffi | Why?Intermediate/Senior Class | Dud Shuffle (Silver), Confidential Exchange | Expectations/Transformations, Senior Class | Shagata Ga Nai (Burns), School Class | Hey, Don’t Call Me Kid (Quinn), Senior Class | More of a Family (Silver), TNT | A King’s Breakfast of Tall Tales (Kimmelman), Puppet Tree | The Primaries/The Snow Queen (Oliviero), Senior Class

Life Statements, Senior Class | Sunday Night Art and Artists Series, MTW | Quiet Moments (Quinn), TNT Dermot’s Illustrated Ballad Book(Richardson), Confidential Exchange | Alice in Wonderland, Senior Class

Artsfare, MTW | The Rocking Horse Winner, Intermediate Class | Period and Style, Senior Class

Gabe/Sandhills/Naked on the North Shore
, Confidential Exchange | Geppiniw Tales (Quinn), Senior Class | A Visitor From Charleston, Confidential Exchange | What’s That Got To Do With Price of Fish?, Newfoundland Mummers

New Canadian Drivel (King), Confidential Exchange | I Like Me (Quinn) | Glooscap and the Mighty Bullfrog, Mermaid | Ken Feit, the Fool, Ken Feit | Atushmit/My World, Expectation | The West Show, Theatre Passe Muraille | If You’re So Good, Why Are You In Saskatoon?, 25th Street Theatre

The Princess Who Wanted the Moon, Puppet Troupe | Wacky and His Fuddlejig (second in a series of cabarets), MTW | Pilot TV show with CKY, MTW | Rumpelstiltskin, Senior Students | Cabaret of dance, mime, etc., MTW | Whose Garden Was This? /Childhood Daze, Intermediate Class | The Tragi-Comedy of Don Cristobel and Miss Rosita, Puppet Troupe | Little Red Riding Hood (musical), MTW | Three Hungry Men on a Raft, Staff | A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Senior/Intermediate Class | Quatajorg/Quatajorg Revisited(King), MTW | Let’s Go (26 programs), MTW/CKY | Apple Butter/People Can’t Help Sneezing (on tour) (Reaney) Puppet Troupe