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Prairie Theatre Exchange has a rich history of creating and presenting new and contemporary and works. Trace that history below - the seasons are grouped by each PTE artistic director. Click on the season date at the top of each section to see play descriptions.

✪ indicates a world premiere

1983 to 1992 -- Kim McCaw

Selkirk Avenue
(Bruce McManus ✪) | Cornflower Blue (Kelly Rebar) | The Raft (Patrick Friesen ✪) | The End of The World Romance(Sean Dixon) | Love You Forever & Other Stories (Robert Munsch; adapted by Kim McCaw ✪) | The Grimm Sisters(Tannis Kowalchuk, Lora Schroeder ✪) – school tour | On The Go (Canadian Content Theatre) – school tour | Lisa (Carol Matas, Per Brask ✪) – school tour

Second Stage
The Easy T’s – Second Stage

The Passion of Narcisse Mondoux
(Gratien Gelinas) | The Fighting Days(Wendy Lill) | Sisters(Wendy Lill) Amigo’s Blue Guitar(Joan MacLeod) | A Flush of Tories (Allan Stratton ✪) | More Munsch (Robert Munsch; adapted by Kim McCaw ✪) – family | Jelly Belly Makes Garbage Delight of Alligator Pie (Dennis Lee, adapted by Kim Selody) – school tour

Second Stage
Brian Goes Hawaiian
(Brian Linds) | A Day at the Beach (The Easy T’s)

Inaugural season at Portage Place

Village of Idiots(John Lazarus) | Lloyd’s Prayer (Kevin Kling) | Odd Jobs (Frank Moher) | Cruel Tears (Ken Mitchell, Humphrey and the Dumptrucks) | A Prairie Boy’s Winter (Sandra Birdsell, Martha Brooks, David Gillies) – family | Murmel, Murmel, Mortimer, Munsch(Robert Munsch, adapted by Kim Selody ✪) – family |The General(Robert Morgan) – school tour | Section 23:  The Sequel(David Arnason, Claude Dorge, Gerard Jean, Doug Smith ✪) – school tour

My Memories of You
(Wendy Lill ✪) | The Third Ascent (Frank Moher) | The Chinese Man Said Goodbye (Bruce McManus ✪) | The Mail Order Bride(Robert Clinton) | You Can Do It If You Try! (David Gillies, music by Fred Penner ✪) – family | Snowsuits, Birthdays & Giants (Robert Munsch, adapted by Kim McCaw) – provincial tour | Andrew’s Tree (Martha Brooks ✪) – school tour | On Your Marks (Robert Clinton) – school tour

Bordertown Café
(Kelly Rebar) | Don’t Blame the Bedouins (Rene-Daniel Dubois) | Boiler Room Suite (Rex Deverell) | Welcome to the NHL (Alan Williams ✪) | Snowsuits, Birthdays & Giants (Robert Munsch, adapted by Kim McCaw ✪) - family | All Over The Map (Kelly Rebar) – school tour | Talk to Me, Talk to Me (Rick Chafe, Bruce McManus ✪) - school tour

Primrose School District 109
(Ted Galay) | The Revival (Sandra Birdsell ✪) | Schedules (Bruce McManus ✪) | Dewline (David Arnason ✪) | A Prairie Boy’s Winter (Sandra Birdsell, Martha Brooks, David Gillies) – family | The Paper Bag Princess & Other Stories (Robert Munsch, adapted by Irene N. Watts ✪) – family | I Met a Bully on the Hill(Martha Brooks, Maureen Hunter ✪) – school tour | Fallout (Rex Deverell) – school tour | Bandits(David Gillies ✪) – school tour

The Shunning
(Patrick Friesen ✪) | Enemy Graces (Sharon Stearns) | Welcome To Hard Times:  The Cultural Cabaret (David Arnason,  Music by Gerard Jean ✪) | The Occupation of Heather Rose (Wendy Lill ✪) | A Prairie Boy’s Winter (Sandra Birdsell, Martha Brooks , David Gillies) – family/school tour | Section 23:  The French Language Revue (David Arnason, Claude Dorge, Gerard Jean) – school tour

After Baba’s Funeral/Sweet and Sour Pickles
(Ted Galay) | The Fighting Days (Wendy Lill) | Checkin’ Out(Kelly Rebar) | Section 23:  The French Language Revue(David Arnason, Claude Dorge, Gerard Jean ✪) | A Prairie Boy’s Winter (Sandra Birdsell, Martha Brooks, David Gillies ✪) - family | Sarah’s Play (Rex Deverell) – school tour | You Want Me to Be Grown Up, Don’t I?(Rex Deverell) – school Tour

Playing the Fool
(Alun Hibbert) | Beyond the End of Your Nose (Patricia Henderson & Julie Salverson) | Pinocchio(a new adaptation by David Gillies ✪) | Drift (Rex Deverell) | So You Think You’re the Teacher?(Gilles Gauthier) | The Fighting Days (Wendy Lill ✪)