Play Archives

Prairie Theatre Exchange has a rich history of creating and presenting new and contemporary and works. Trace that history below - the seasons are grouped by each PTE artistic director. Click on the season date at the top of each section to see play descriptions.

✪ indicates a world premiere

1980 to 1983 -- Gordon McCall

Last Call, Tamanous Theatre | New Canadian Kid (Foon) | Beauty and the Beast | Cold Comfort (Garrard) | St. Peter’s Asylum (Horrocks) | Straight Ahead/Blind Dancers (Tidler)

1981 - 82
You Are What You Eat
, (Gillies), Puppet Tree | The High School Show (Deverell) Studio Co. | Flat Out (Gillies ✪), PTE | The Unicorns, Kaleidoscope | House (Mitchell)/ 221B Baker Street (Reed)/ St. Peter’s Asylum (Horrocks)/ Climate of the Times (Silver)/ Fields of Sorrow (DeGraff), Playwright’s Development Program | The Promised Land(McCall), PTE | Leavin’ the Real World Behind, Studio Co. | Concert, Raffi

1980 - 81
Dr. Glow’s Illustrated Book of Prestidigitation, (Gillies), Brian Glow | When the Honeymoon is Over, Young Co. | It’s About Time (Kettner), Puppet Tree | About Free Lands, Kaleidoscope | Superwheel (Deverell), Young Co. | Manitoba At Work (Quinn), TNT | Young Children’s Concert, Raffi | The Women of Margaret Laurence, PTE ✪ | The Ecstasy of Rita Joe (Ryga), PTE | The Snow Queen, PTE ✪