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Prairie Theatre Exchange has a rich history of creating and presenting new and contemporary and works. Trace that history below - the seasons are grouped by each PTE artistic director. Click on the season date at the top of each section to see play descriptions.

✪ indicates a world premiere

1992 to 1995 -- Michael Springate

Pretty Blue (Ron Chambers) | The Stone Angel (Margaret Laurence; adapted by James W. Nichol) | InQuest (Bill Harrar ✪) | Fashion, Power, Guilt and the Charity of Families (Carol & Catherine Shields ✪) | All Fall Down (Wendy Lill ✪) | Cinderella Stories (adapted by Raye Anderson & Lora Schroeder ✪) – family | Ming Lo Moves the Mountain  (Arnold Lobel; adapted by Barbara Poggemiller ✪) – school tour

Second Stage
(George F. Walker) | The Water Hen  (Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz) | Washing Spider Out (Ross McMillan ✪) | Noah’s Arc (Magdelena Kazubowska)

Tin Can Cathedral
(Nick Mitchell) | Marilyn Mudrow (Ukrainian) (Nikolai Koljada) | Marilyn Mudrow (English) (Nikolai Koljada, translated by David Arnason, Halyna Jryn) | Bondagers (Sue Glover) | Fox (Margaret Sweatman ✪) | The Snow Queen(Hans Christian Anderson; adapted by Raye Anderson & Lora Schroeder ✪)

Second Stage
Mump and Smoot
(Michael Kennard, John Turner) | Man on the Moon, Woman on the Pill (Christine Taylor) | The Dark Room (The New Theatre Company)

The Soft Eclipse
(Connie Gault) | Dog and Crow (Michael Springate) | Thirteen Hands(Carol Shields ✪) |
The Stone Angel (adapted by James W. Nichol from the novel by Margaret Laurence) | Let’s Do Munsch (Robert Munsch; adapted by Barbara Poggemiller ✪) – family | Waiting for The Sun (Ngogen Jual, Shawn Kettner, Jamie Oliviero ✪) – school tour | Annie and the Old one (adapted by Tomson Highway) | Hansel and Gretel(Manitoba Opera)

Second Stage
Gulliver’s Travels
(SIOP) | Napalm, The Buffoon (David S. Craig) | Mermaid in Love/Mary Medusa (Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan ✪) | Monkey Trials II (Kim Knight, Ron Jenkins, Brian Drader ✪)